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Eat out in a Lavish PIA plane transformed into a restaurant

Faryal Nadeem May 31, 2017
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Airport Security Force had made a wise move by converting an old PIA aircraft into an opulent restaurant. The news is confirmed from a tweet of Danyal Gilani who is the GM Public Affairs and PIA spokesperson that the restaurant is launched.

PlA plane transformation

Turning an old PIA Plane into a restaurant is not an easy task, but the unused Boeing 747 AP-BFV aircraft is transformed at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. ASF officials converted and refurbished the whole plane, which looks amazing from inside.


The sidewalls, roof, flooring and seating arrangements are remodeled into the new decorations, which gives the interior a great, nice look. The pictures mentioned in the article are not doing justice because the plane looks best. Everyone who visited the new ASF plane said nice statements.

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However, it is not the first time that any plane is refurbished into a new one. Some years before an aircraft was converted into a restaurant in India, but it was not so lavish. The 747-300 AP BFV is the Jumbo plane that was retired in 2014 and moved out of airport hangers. The plane was a victim of a terrorist attack in 2014, which was donated by PIA to ASF. ASF use the aircraft for anti-terrorism training purposes, which made news due to three incidents in 2012 and burst tires on landing, cracked windshield, and a bird strike.

ASF found a better way to utilize the plane in shape of the restaurant. The new restaurant proves to be a popular attraction in Karachi during iftar times in Ramadan months.

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