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Rs. 25 Billion is given to Karachi for Bus Transit system

Faryal Nadeem May 25, 2017
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The Federal Government has funded Rs. 25 billion for various projects in Karachi. Funding is approved for the upcoming year 2017-2018. The project includes Karachi bus transit system as well as bulk water supply. Various road projects will receive less funding from the central government

Budget for Green Line Bus Project

The government with Rs. 24.6 billion revises Green Line Bus Rapid Transit system budget. The project will be given Rs. 3 billion from the federal government while Rs. 1.4 billion higher than in April. This fund will cover all the remaining cost of the project.

Green Line Bus project is approved 3 years before, and at least Rs. 13 billion was spent on it. The bus route starts from Surjani Town area, and it ends at Central District business area in Saddar.

Budget for Karachi water supply scheme

K-IV  project will get Rs 9.6 billion funds next year by the central government. This project will provide Rs. 25.5 billion with provincial government covering half of the cost and the Federal government will pay for the remainder. Federal Government paid Rs 3.8 billion for K-IV project.

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Sindh Government inaugurates water supply scheme of Karachi last year. Frontier Works Organization will handle further the project. The total length of 118.57 km and includes intake structures, canal lining, mild steel and reinforced concrete cement

While another smaller project, Greater Karachi Sewerage Plant S-III get Rs 1.5 billion in upcoming budget of Rs 2.4 billion by the central government. The total cost of project is Rs 8 billion with provincial government half of it.

Lyari Expressway

Many ruling parties initiated road projects, but this year Lyari ExpressWay will be getting Rs 500 million. The total cost of the recent Lyari Expressway is Rs. 11.5 billion and Rs 9.8 billion is spent on it.

Karachi Government is looking forward towards betterment.

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