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PayPal and Alipay will soon be assisting the Pakistani Citizens

Faryal Nadeem May 23, 2017
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The international payment gateways will soon enter the local market because Pakistan is working aggressively on the legislation to introduce these systems. Commerce Minister claims that Government of Pakistan will introduce the international payment gateways, which will start providing services soon.

However, the authorities did not define particular time.

Mr. Dastgir visited China recently with PM of Pakistan and also visited Alibaba group headquarters. They said that government is heading towards the right direction, which enables to digitize the economy of the country and hopes that PayPal and various other payment gateways will soon be in Pakistan.

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It is clearly mentioned that it is not the first time minister promised the entry of PayPal or any other international payment gateways, which will come to Pakistan. It is important to recall that Pakistan is on number fourth with the incredible amount of freelancers in the world. So, Pakistani freelancers with no option to use international gateway are truly disheartening because most of the people are using illegal ways or utilizing expensive means of getting paid from various foreign clients.

On the arrival of PayPal, the Pakistani freelancers can get funds for work directly from international clients with just a few clicks.

Freelancers are demanding to introduce PayPal from more than 10 years. Now the results are apparent that the need of using Paypal is increased and good outcome will be anticipated in future.

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