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First Chinese language newspaper of Pakistan is named as Huashang

Faryal Nadeem May 20, 2017
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Huashang is the first Chinese-language weekly newspaper, which will be launched in Pakistan in English version as well. The newspaper will target the Chinese embassy and the nationals living in Pakistan who are working in different Chinese companies.

The head office of the newspaper Huashang will be located in Islamabad that will publish 5000 copies every week. The Chinese weekly newspaper hits 60,000 readers. This week 21st edition of the Huashang newspaper was released. The paper features the atmosphere of Beijing as well as reflects the busy markets.

Hua means flower and Shang means business so collectively Huashang worth business of flower that means in Pakistan Pure Business. According to the Facebook Page of the newspaper, Huashang launched Chinese project known as One Belt one Road whose initiative to promote better cooperation between Pakistan and China under the CPEC project.

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Talking to BBC Urdu, the Chinese National Chief Editor said that Huashang is working on the business in China and Pakistan. The primary editorial policy of newspaper is to give the importance to the news stories related to tourism, culture and various recreational activities happening in countries. Chinese officials see a bright future of Chinese language journalism in Pakistan.

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