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Irrfan Khan gave spin to the Aunty version “bik gayi hai gormint”: It`s hilarious

Faryal Nadeem May 18, 2017
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Some months ago, a video was recorded by the journalist of the elder lady who is criticizing the Pakistani Government for showing ineptitude behavior. The video got viral on social media as an alarming message which purposely wants to wake up the officials. The lady actually cursed the politicians who later on changed as the instigating memes and disco mixed.

So if you are still unaware of the video, then you are living under the rock because the Aunty version THE BIK GAYI HAI GORMINT is actually hilarious and Aunty is titled as the bad ass woman in Pakistan. However, the gutsy dialogue was picked by daring Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan.

Watch the Aunty version

If you think that the original video is funny, then Irrfan Khan imitating Aunty in his latest video from comedy troupe ALL INDIA BAKCHOD (AIB).

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He completed the act with glasses and drapping into white shawl around his head. Irrfan Khan encapsulates acerbic way in which Aunty thrashed government tweaking the dialogues which relate to film industry. The video is funny and hell hilarious which proves that the great talented star and actor of the movie Life of Pi is tremendous.

Watch the Video Yourself.

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