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Retailers Training Program launched by Samsung in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem May 17, 2017
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Samsung is the giant global technology leader who offers its revolutionary powerful devices and products worldwide. The company provides innovations to its clients while the brand is tremendously popular in Pakistan. The solutions provided by the company fulfill the need of the consumer. Samsung has launched the world class training for the Pakistanis, which aims to boost the retailer’s knowledge and polish their skills, especially regarding customer assistance. The retailer’s program involves incredible training for all the dealers all over Pakistan. They will be groomed and trained to provide high service standards especially while selling the technology and premium products as created by Samsung.

Training is important

The training program is important especially for the retailers in Pakistan. Mr. J.H Lee the President of Samsung Pakistan said

Training the retail network helps to enhance their skills. Samsung aims to maintain the market leadership and enhances the distribution capabilities along with the outreach of product as well as its availability. This program will add convenience for the consumers and inevitably improve the brand image.

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There is no doubt that Samsung is trying hard to extend its services to impress the customers. Such measures undoubtedly enhance and build the trust of brand. Extensive research is taken place that anticipates that Samsung is the only brand, which evolves the needs of the customers by introducing innovations and high service standards, which win the hearts of customers.

The retailers in Pakistan owns thorough understanding of Samsung vision because the company is committed to expand and use the digital technology for communications and connectivity to empower the socio-economic sectors like telecom services, industries, health care and education.

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