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Take your selfie and get a Chance to Win Huawei P10 Lite

Faryal Nadeem May 16, 2017
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Huawei has launched its new set known as P10 lite. It is one of the best smartphones that is embedded with an amazing camera and specialized in taking selfies. The company has launched a new digital competition, which allows you to take selfies. The competition is titled as selfie superstar and will be followed with a hashtag #SelfieSuperstar.

There are total 4 themes 1 for each week, which will highlight the features of the flagship device. Talk together P10 Lite are gifted to winners of the campaign. The audience will take a selfie and have to post it on the Facebook page with the hashtag #HuaweiP10Lite and #SelfieSuperstar.

  • The theme of the first week is PORTRAIT SELFIE where the customer has to capture a fantabulous selfie and have to upload it accordingly.
  • The theme for the second week is DRESSED UP SELFIE where the customers can upload three posts in which they need to dress up in quirky costume and have to look funny.
  • The third-week theme is SELFIE WITH A THELLAY WALA where customers will capture and upload three posts with the street food hawker of their choice.

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  • The last theme is associated with Ramadan, and the selfies will be titled as SELFIE OF YOUR IFTAR OUTING where the customers have to upload pictures of their iftar outings with loved ones.

While the winners of every week will be announced accordingly and at the end of the week and the winner will be getting P10 Lite.

If you want to be a part of this content, then take your selfies and follow the Huawei`s Facebook Page and snap selfies according to the theme.

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