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Have a Pakistani feel at Truck Adda in Dubai

Faryal Nadeem May 16, 2017
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The entrepreneur Muhammad Aaquib proved his skills at the age of 25. He opened a Truck Ada restaurant in Dubai, which serves Pakistani food in a rustic ad unique ambiance which simply cannot be compared.

Story of Truck Adda

The Truck Adda started two years back when Aaquib showed interest to open a restaurant with his friend. He wanted to open a Pakistani restaurant in Dubai. Aaquib is from Karachi and was involved in hoteling business and wants to pursue his skills in the new entrepreneurial venture.

The startup was tough to set up because Aaquib has to perform much research for the location of proposed restaurant. It took more than six months to survey the Dubai market and found an appropriate location to serve the quality Pakistani food.

So the location in Jumeirah One was selected where he launched the new restaurant that can serve at least 140 people at a time.

Inside Truck Adda

The main idea and aim Truck Adda is to serve the Pakistani audience with the amazing eatery ambiance. He wanted to opt for the Pakistani signature truck art. The walls and the interior of the restaurant is well decorated with the truck art illustrations, funny characters which add comic touch to the venue

The person who painted all these illustrations and artwork is Phool Badshah who works for art company Phooljee. The paintings are designed in radiant colors that exhibit lions and peacocks that are the regular theme in truck art. The artworks beautifully portray Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

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Interior of the restaurant

Besides the paintings and the theme of the restaurant, the seating arrangement speaks for the Pakistani rural environment. It is the only place in Dubai, which serves takhat, or Charpai which enhances the traditional look of the restaurant. He is planning to bring Vespa motorcycle and a rickshaw that will add more beauty to the restaurant.

Menu of the restaurant

On menu People can enjoy all type of BBQ items including Malaai boti, Charsi tikka, and Karahi. The place serves every type of mutton, lamb, chicken. You will also find paratha rolls and bun kebab.

Future plans

Aaquib is busy in the process of opening the second branch of Truck Adda that will be in Jumeirah Link Tower. It owns a seating capacity for 80 people. Badshah will do the decoration of the new branch. I painted the first branch almost a year back, and now I am working on the second branch.

The new branch will soon be functional in two weeks, and he plans to serve the economical food in prime locations. We are providing color, culture, and Flavor of Pakistan in Dubai.

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