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PIA Female Employee slaps the ASF officials at Jinnah International Airport

Faryal Nadeem May 12, 2017
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Ruqaiyya Soomro was harassed at the Jinnah International Karachi Airport on Thursday. The incident led to the scandalous viral video when she started beating the airport staff. Ruqaiyya Soomro wants to go to waiting for lounge and was stopped by the ASF officer who was in plain clothes. The lady bursted in anger and claims that man harassed her and slapped the ASF officer and then attacked another officer.

The video was recorded by a staff member who clearly shows that woman is behaving with Airport Security Force ASF personnel. Watch the video now.

According to the initial reports, the video is incomplete and does not shows the complete story. Ruqaiyya is the Assistant Manager at PIA and got angry when ASF official misbehaved and did not let her go.

Ruqaiyya was taken to another room to resolve the matter where she did not file any complaint against the ASF officer. ASF admitted that Ruqaiyya owns the expired ID card and the officers were unable to tackle the matter. PIA has taken notice of incident and then launched inquiry after demanding the CCTV footage of the incident. CAA and ASF have not launched the official investigation on the matter.

FIA constable and two female passengers were involved in a matter a few weeks ago. The videos are able on social platform forcing FIA and authorities to take notice. FIA official was dismissed until unless the investigation is completed.

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