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Founders of HSN ventures differences breaks the

Faryal Nadeem May 12, 2017
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In 2015, the online readers were notified about the leading eCommerce platform in Pakistan. The platform will be known as, and digital agency Creative Chaos announced the formation of HSN ventures.

With the modernization, the concept of online shopping with the ease of home is becoming a trend in Pakistan, but instead of availing, the opportunity the founders of HSN ventures breaks up and will split the leading platform Shayaan Tahir or CreativeChaos will manage the platform.

HSN ventures started the platform with a promise to launch the platform integrated with scalable and modern technologies. With the time of 2 years, many e-commerce platforms have been introduced, but HSN ventures introduced the latest development.

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Shayaan Tahir, the CEO, and Founder of homeshopping said that

The partnership was made to introduce the Pakistanis a scalable, modern platform. Homeshopping couldn’t extract any technology development value from this partnership. CreativeChaos didn’t have the kind of development skills required for improving the technology stack of Homeshopping and developing the platform from scratch was not an important idea.

After these observations, the organizations decided to break the partnership, and Shayan Tahir owns complete control over the platform. HSN ventures together launched many ventures in the last two years known as HealthPRO and Urban design, which provides nutritional products and furniture. These ventures will be taken forward and operated by Creative Chaos while the Delivery Chacha is a startup, which delivers products and allows to enter in the strategic partnership along with HSN ventures it will be managed by Nashit Iqbal. Umair Aziz, the founder of Creative Chaos, did not comment on the matter.

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