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The Success Story of Food Fusion: Make Cooking Fun Again

Faryal Nadeem May 09, 2017
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It all started as a small idea for doing something that helps everyone cook easily and saves time. Food Fusion is the perfect combination of best in class digital media and online food content.

Blogging or content development is not a piece of cake. To introduce the innovative idea and to dream of becoming one of the elite and successful bloggers needs dedication and Food Fusion achieved its goals, we were told that someone new likes their page every 15 seconds and they had touched over 2 Million Fans now.

Today’s generation love to eat tasty food and they prefer to try new and appetizing dishes. It is true that Pakistani food is delicious and rich in spices. People do love the varieties of dishes offered in Pakistani food. According to the recent survey, the trend of restaurants has increased in Pakistan, just because individuals or youth avoid the common food items and prefer to taste scrumptious new dishes.

The consumption of daily based cooked vegetables at homes is not of everyone choice neither is admired, so if you want to find the perfect meal ideas for your family and loved ones, then Food Fusion is the perfect digital platform for the young digital savvy audience.

You might have heard the term food blogging, but with the advent of technology, everyone wants a quick and perfect method to follow for cooking. We intend to introduce the intelligent minds behind the concept of Food Fusion. have interviewed the masterminds of online video portal Food Fusion. Food Fusion is the idea presented by Asad Memon and Saima, who in collaboration with the entire team made their video portal successful.

Asad mother noticed when things start to disappear from her kitchen and after the launch of the first video she figured out where her fancy utensils and things went.

Ultimate solution for everyone 

Professional and student life is hard. It is a time when every individual is busy to establish his or her lives. Even women nowadays have filled the gap, prefer to make their life easy, and wants to transform cooking into fun. It is factual that the fast-paced life has eliminated the consequences to watch and follow the lengthy procedures for cooking.

Asad Memon and Saima stumbled upon the same idea and wanted to eliminate the lengthy procedure for cooking especially for the working women. The entrepreneurial journey of Food Fusion venture provides the ultimate solution to those who do not want to watch the lengthy shows and cooking tutorials even to make a simple daal. Food Fusion overcomes the hurdle and seeks the opportunity to introduce Pakistan`s Largest quick recipe destination.

Food Fusion is one of the popular and worldwide platforms, which can help and assist every type of people in cooking. By following quick methods, even the novices can create JHAT PAT recipes.

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Secret for happy and healthy married

No doubt, Food is sensual, and it could be delicious when a wife serves the steamy, mouth-watering and enticing dish to her husband. You might have heard the proverb

 “The way to a man`s heart is through stomach.”

so, either way, the tastes, and aromas when you create something fresh will definitely seduce the people at home.

The team is successful in creating 300 recipe videos in one year that allows every woman to present exciting and delicious dishes every day to their loved ones.

To prepare tasty and delicious Desi food, some steps needs to be followed correctly because Desi recipes are not simple. So Food Fusion has made almost every recipe simple even though it is not easy to break the stereotype thinking in Pakistan especially when SAAS judges the ability of her BAHU through the taste of BIRYANI, QORMA or PALAO.

Food Fusion is an exceptional platform, which eliminates the consequences of burned food or tasteless dishes. It surely helps the newly wed girls to cook by finding the right blend of ingredients and enables the experienced women to bring innovation in the amazing art of cooking.

There is no sight on earth more appealing than the sight of a woman making dinner for someone she loves. So all a person need is a sense of encouragement and accomplishment as a reward for the family members or loved one.

Saima said “If you want good food then learn how to appreciate the lady of the house because now she knows how to make great food and she is just waiting for a few words of appreciation and acknowledgment. This does not mean that men should not cook”.

Results are clear

The hard work and relentless determination of Food Fusion have eliminated the misconception that cooking is not confined to women.

The entrepreneurial journey was tough just like other startup companies. It is not like other food channels or websites who share pictures among the fans to tempt them. They worked tirelessly to bring Food Fusion to this point.

Setting up the first video was a great challenge faced by team. They were clear about the concept to introduce the short video, which will cater the local market. Therefore, after the idea of food fusion, 50% of their daytime was spent in the kitchen, and they kept on experimenting with items and new recipes.

The experiment with the camera and recipes continues for over 6 months. The studio was set up in a guest room of the house. All of the fancy utensils shown in videos is the collection of Asad, Saima and Asad’s mother that came handy. However, the first shoot was very hectic because the recipe took at least 15 minutes to test, but it took more than 9 hours to complete the shoot.

Achievements of Food Fusion

Food Fusion launched its first video on May 9, 2016, and the response of the people was tremendous. They successfully achieved more than 2 million followers on Facebook and other platforms.

Recently more than 15 Chefs cook behind the camera of Food Fusion. Within one year, the online video portal has gained immense popularity through its viral content, and now they have moved to a well-equipped purpose built kitchen studio with plenty of office space.

We have already seen big names sponsoring their content these include Surf Excel, Meat One, Kenwood, Shan, Dawn Foods, Olpers, Gavison, Youngs, Sufi, Walls, and Knorr to name a few.

We were fortunate to get a sneak peak of their new website which has just been launched. With a dot com to their name, they are all set to rule the quick video space in Pakistan.

The team thanks the followers and fans for their limitless love.

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Final Thoughts

We cannot deny the fact that Food Fusion has given people a solution of never ending the problem, which enables the audience to prepare delicious and tasty food for loved ones in minutes. The modernized way of cooking is simple and allows you to taste some flavorsome treats at home. The first Pakistani video portal has gone through significant research to eliminate the consequences of going through long recipes.

Asad Said “You don’t need anyone to teach you how to cook. All you need is a Smartphone and the will to do it.”

However, Food Fusion features many types of appetizers as well as the main course in its videos. You can learn to prepare lunches, breakfast and even mouth-watering dishes by following the simple methods.

It also provides the ultimate solution for the never-ending question every day in the lives of housewives AAJ KHANEY MAI KYA PAKAIN

No matter whether you want to refine your cooking skills or you want to impress your guests with the delicious and Jhat Phat recipes, Food fusion surely helps you out. The amazing cooking platform brings absolute pleasure to your cooking.

So renew your cooking skills and add more taste to your dishes with Food Fusion because “Your smartphone can go with you in the kitchen but your TV can not” says Asad.

A team of wishes Good Luck to Food Fusion on the successful completion of one year. Wishing many more years of success. The hard work and creativity of Asad Memon, Saima Asad, and the entire Food Fusion team is truly an inspiration for everyone.

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