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Egyptian Artist wants to set Guinness record with 700 meters Quran

Faryal Nadeem May 06, 2017
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A self-taught Egyptian artist had created the world biggest Quran. He spent three years in creating the beautiful Quran. Saad Mohammad belongs from north of Cairo from the town of Belqina who has reproduced the holy Quran in a paper scroll of 700 meters long.

He told media that The Quran is 700 metres long and is written in a large amount of paper. The project is self-funded from last three years, and it is not easy to manage for an average person because I don’t have enough assets.

Muhammad wants his name on Guinness Record after submitting his Quran because there is no record holder for largest handwritten version. However, the archaeologists in Cairo, have discovered the remains of the old model garden from nearly 4000 years old outside a tomb in ancient Egyptian Capital of Thebes.

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