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Punjab Food Authority bans the supply of carbonated drinks in school and colleges

Faryal Nadeem May 03, 2017
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Punjab Food Authority is taking the initiative to prohibit the carbonated drinks in the school and college canteens. The step will help to tackle the rising health problems, which is linked to the high sugar intake among the children. The Food Authority is recommending that the soft drinks must be banned from secondary as well as primary schools that will help to promote health.

This will replace the carbonated drinks with healthy drinks, which include the fresh seasonal juices as well as the flavored milk. Furthermore, PFA recommends that there must be set of rules of regulations established for the college and school canteens for the hygiene. The junk food must clearly be eliminated with and replaced with healthy choices.

The upcoming board will soon approve the proposal. The director of Punjab Food Authority, Noorul Amin Mengal said that soft drinks, carbonated drinks and the junk food cause serious illness and they are the main reason behind the illness of the school-going children. He supports the idea and wants to prohibit the dangerous items available in the canteens all over Punjab. Soon the idea will be implemented all over the country. He mentioned that Youth of Pakistan future must need proper care.

According to him, the canteens must serve the healthy food items, which include boiled eggs, fruits, seasonal juices and flavored milk. The proper diet is important and essential for the mental and physical growth of children. This measure will promote healthiness. The Ban on soft drinks will soon be imposed hopefully after approval of PFA boards members,

Dr Zafar Mehmood who is the associate professor and Food technologist commented on the matter and mentioned that soft drink brings serious health damage especially for the children who are in their growing age. He added that when junk food is eaten with the non-alcoholic beverages, they create silent hunger, and the body remains deprived of nutrients and does not fulfill the feeling.

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The excessive intake of carbonated drinks is increasing day by day and leads to reduced bone density, making them hyperactive, stomach disorder and much more related issues. The junk food had a serious and direct impact on the mental health as well. Switching to flavor milk is much better and healthier option. If someone take the carbonated drinks after a proper meal, these drinks won’t allow the minerals to dissolve in the body.

Undernourishment is one of the leading cause due to the improper diet. PFA will soon introduce the awareness for the healthy food boxes. These food boxes will be available for all students to encourage health all around the world. This will eliminate stunted growth problem all over the children.

PFA wants to add nutrition value, which will encourage the proper growth of the generation. Oil amount needs to be strengthened in the items with the specific levels of Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B-12, folic acid and some quantity of wheat.

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