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Twitter teams up with Bloomberg for 24 hours News streaming

Faryal Nadeem May 02, 2017
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Recently, Twitter plans to join hands with Bloomberg news agency, which provides significant expansion in the video operations. The Bloomberg Media Chief Executive Justin Smith confirmed the news that Twitter has done the partnership on Sunday and have retweeted a Wall Street Journal article.

Smith tweeted and said that the partnership between Twitter and Bloomberg Media is exciting. This will undoubtedly benefit both of the platforms.

The Journal, which reported about partnership, said that Bloomberg would only produce news for the online channel and the content produced for television channel will surely be different.

However, Twitter and Bloomberg have not revealed the details. Both platforms denied providing details. The service will help to expand the users of Twitter and Bloomberg. This is the ultimate way followed by Twitter to broaden its appeal beyond the usage of politicians, journalists, and celebrities. The effort will ramp up with videos and live notifications.

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Last week the results of Twitter showed that the drop had been experienced in the revenue by Twitter. The monthly user base has been dropped to 328 million, which is 14% from a year ago. Twitter have never reported about their revenue or profit and says that net loss is narrowed to $62 million from $80 million in just a year.

Twitter offers fantastic live video news after partnering with the streaming application Cheddar. Last year it owns some rights to stream the National Football League games but actually lost for the upcoming season to Amazon.

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