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Meet Anum Zulfiqar: the top rated first women in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem May 02, 2017
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Yes, you will surely be amazed by reading the title because we do not think of women in freelancing and rated among the top seller. Freelancing is growing in Pakistan. Many companies and organizations are seeking the services of freelancers because they prove to be more reliable, convenient as well as cheap as compared to the in-house jobs.

For the women, who cannot perform and follow the schedule of 9 to 5 job can quickly provide their services any time they want. Same is the case with Anum Zulfiqar who got her education from Karachi and then moved to Islamabad for the higher studies. She has done Bachelors in Software Engineering from Fatima Jinnah Women University 2012.

She wanted to do something exceptional for her community and realized that she is not a 9 to 5 job person. While other students were seeking for new opportunities, she developed her interest in freelancing.

She mentioned that Freelancing is my type of working. It just requires skill, and we call it a GIG in the freelancing world.

Anum came across a great online platform known as Fiverr which is world’s largest freelancing portals that enable the entrepreneurs to connect with potential employers. Any person can post and provide services, and people who are known as buyers rate their experience regarding the seller accordingly.

She started providing her services on Fiverr in 2015 and on a regular basis Anum got work, which enables her to became the Level 2 Pro League Seller in months. She is focused and determined to provide customer satisfaction that her profile clearly reflects with a 5-star rating and 704 reviews.

Her profile name is Aneela Syed, which she chooses as a tribute to a friend who died in a car accident.

Anum added that Aneela Syed was the only best friend she had in life. Aneela passed away in a brutal car accident with her entire family. And she used to remark that “Anum! You will see one day, I will be famous in entire world.” Aneela loss shook me.

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Anum offers 3 gigs right now and is proficient in providing web designing service, graphic designing, web development, WordPress and Joomla assistance. She completed 1000 gigs until now.

Anum is the first woman freelancer entrepreneur who becomes a Top Rated Seller from Pakistan. Being the Top rated seller means you can have 30 active gigs, 6 gig extras, ability to send custom offers, 20 gigs multiple, VIP customer support and much more.

Her Top rating on Fiverr enabled her to attain the new opportunities. Fiverr selected her for the Google Partnership Program and will let 400 Adwords users connect with Fivers Top sellers and offer her help to improve the campaigns.

We cannot deny the fact that women are closing the gender gap and erasing the gender inequality. Anum owns her IT based Social Enterprise, which is known as CONNECTED PAKISTAN, which is divided into two wings called as the Connected Wing that helps in revenue generation products like media services, Incubation Centre for entrepreneurs; IT projects and education and training.

Pakistan Wing is the other part that handles social causes such as women empowerment, Gender equality, employment, education and more. Connected Pakistan use funds to help to improve the society. Under this initiative, the companies have driven an awareness throughout KPK, which enables them to create awareness about online grossing opportunities and skill enhancement web portal

~via ProPakistani

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