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Get to know: Why Pakistan is famous worldwide?

Faryal Nadeem May 02, 2017
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The critic’s statement “Pakistan is facing difficult times,” “Future of Pakistan is blank” and “Pakistan will never prosper,” these statements seem familiar to everyone, but most of the individuals tend to disagree. Pakistan is a beautiful country and has shown that epitome of resilience in the difficult situations. The strong country owns breathtaking beauty which you probably did not know. But Pakistan is not famous not even known because of these amazing features.

Google wants it to be recognized exceptionally. It is not surprising that food, drinks, and games are common in Pakistan but Pakistan is not exceptional because it owns one of the best food, drinks, and entertainment places. Pakistan is also well known because of the drama and fashion industry, but according to Google India is known for Food and Movies, Sri Lanka for best tea, Afghanistan for Wars films, America for top universities and China for Chinese pottery.

So if you want to learn that what other countries are famous just check the perception below

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