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The Technology DIY city for Karachiites is alive

Faryal Nadeem May 01, 2017
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The people are encouraging the young bicyclists and chanting Keep riding Keep riding; we need to see the complete video. Chalatay raho, Chalatay raho, Humeain yeh poori video dekhni Hai.

The street child, Ahmed Ali was furiously pedaling and the main goal for him is to move forward. Ahmed and the other audience were able to take the virtual tour of the city, and they were enjoying the heritage wonders present in the town of Karachi. The video was displayed on a large screen on a projector and bicycle was placed in front of him titled as BICYCLE RIDE AROUND BURNES GARDEN

Various activities and exhibitions related to culture, tradition, science and technology were alive at the DIY city. The Numaish Karachi and Madlab who worked in collaboration with the British Council Pakistan, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, and Habib University organized it. The event was arranged at the Purdah Bagh present behind the National Museum of Pakistan.

There was very useful activity arranged by the 7 years old Ivan Ahmed Ali, and everyone was gathered around his stall. He taught on how to light LED by using a battery along with his trainer Zaheer Abbas. Ivan told and suggested to manage the larger section of LED with the Positive end of battery while the smaller end is attached to negative side, which helps to complete the circuit, and successfully lit the LED.

The activity does seem primary, yet it was incredible and allows people to learn how to make such complicated things. Individuals who wanted to learn the science behind this concept, Abbas tutored them on how to make this small gadget by using simple and easy techniques.

Let’s look at another exciting project, which was titled as Saya or Tag a Tree Project. Summaiya Zaidi and Noor Zafar from the Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan displayed it. In this project, the features were remarked and clearly explained to preserve the environmental heritage. Zafar told that the Green cover of Karachi is shrunk to the alarming rate which is 3%.

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The eye catching and attention-grabbing project displayed was Sheesh Mahal or the Palace of Mirrors. The students of Habib Universty assembled it. The creator of the project was Saadia Pathan who tried hard along with the other team members to transport visitor with the similar place of ecstatic wonder. The blinking lights were giving the spinning model a soothing effect.

She explained that this we wanted to combine the animation and technology with the exceptional engineering, which was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan by wife Mumtaz.

The journalist Ghazi Salahuddin said that this cultural and extracurricular activity were ultimate and became a defense against insanity.

Rachel Turner from Madlab stated that the Technology is changing an evolving fast, so it is best that the citizens and people would keep up with it. She encouraged that everyone is not expert or need not to be perfect.

Saima Zaidi said that this type of experiment aims to bring together the innovative technology and is creative to re imagine public spaces. The main purpose is to encourage the social participating and to share the civic pride.

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