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Student fell and crushed under the Metro Bus wheels          

Faryal Nadeem Apr 30, 2017
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The driver is arrested, and Shahbaz Shareef wants to probe into the matter. A 19-year-old Sumeera who is a medical student was crushed under wheels of the Metro Bus. She fell from the bus at Rehman Abad Metro Station on Friday morning. The bus was on its route from Rawalpindi to Islamabad and hit power pole accidently, and as a result, the door flung opened. Driver managed to control by pressing the emergency brakes because the construction work was continued at Rahmanabad station. The student of Shifa College of Medicine and Nursing, Sumeera feel out of the bus on track and came under the wheels of same Metro bus. While another passenger was injured.

The in charge of Sadiqabad shifted body of the student to the district headquarters and started the investigation to know the actual cause of the accident. The student girl was identified and discharged after treatment. Police officials arrested the driver because he was trying to flee from the scene. It was reported that one more report had been filed against him and the accident cause is ascertained as told by Raja Tahir. The students of Shifa College gathered after hearing the news of Sumeera and threatened to shut down Metro service.

The body of the deceased is handed to the father and report is also submitted. Strict action will be taken against the responsible. CM expressed a sense of grief over the death of Sumeera while the family of the victim said; they will file a case against the administration of Metro Bus.

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