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Facebook Messenger Lite is launched with amazing new features

Faryal Nadeem Apr 30, 2017
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People from all over the world wants to stay connected due to which Facebook has launched its new Messenger Lite app. Facebook Messenger App is introduced in more than 132 countries and is fast to install and start. The size of the app is under 10MB and perform the same operations as Messenger does but is introduced with more features. Users can send and receive media messages from this app.

More than 1 billion people in the world use messenger every month. Therefore, with the latest app, people will get a chance to stay in contact regardless of storage limitations and network conditions on their smartphones. Messenger Lite allows people to get an amazing experience and can get access to the latest news or information.

Facebook mentioned in its blog that

“Messenger Lite is 10 MB in size and is fast to install and quick to startup. The Messenger allows the user to have amazing and core experiences such as receiving photos, sending and receiving messaging and links along with stickers. The bolt logo is same, but the colors are reversed. The bolt is blue with a chat bubble in white in the background.”

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The app is exceptionally designed for those people who do not have enough space on their phones. Users will get a chance to receive and send messages as well as links. The app is currently launched for the Android users, so the iOS users have to wait a little bit to use the lighter version of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger have launched the AI assistant known as M. it offers chat suggestions in messenger. The good step is taken by Facebook to introduce AI assistant. M uses and learns the machine learning techniques and offer suggestions accordingly.

Unlike Google Assistant, it pops ups in conversions and allows the user to discuss things. However, most of the users who title it as disturbance and wants to stop or change the pop ups he/she can change their settings. Just stay connected with the world.

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