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Students are able to get virtual field trip that textbooks cannot

Faryal Nadeem Apr 26, 2017
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We cannot deny the fact that distance from Austin to Pakistan is more than 8000 miles but distance won’t stop students to get an immersive education experience about the culture and history of Pakistan. Round Rock Independent School District Deerpark Middle School students use the virtual reality technology which made possible that the local two startups will take a virtual field trip to Pakistan.

Ryan Kilgo, the student of the same school, had an amazing experience with virtual reality. His first experience was time interactions, and he thought that it is cool to see that top of the temple and diamonds above my head.

Joe Troyen who is the founder of PenPal Schools told KXAN that the virtual reality is exciting and it makes the classrooms more interacting when it combines with the global connection. Kids can go through and have a real life experience through the reality field trips along with the Penpals from all over the world.

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Austin-based organization assists in connecting more than 100,000 students from 170 countries through an online curriculum. PenPal Schools works with the VR Creative Agency to bring and focus on the virtual reality education course to schools worldwide. Ricky Holm and Troyen allows connecting the starting up the process at Austin Capital Factory, which started two years ago.

Troyen told that “Kids in America and all over the world can avail the incredible opportunity. One of them said that Hey, I just learned about Pakistan in the video. ” He said that such programs are necessary for the students since the US travel ban on citizens from various Muslim countries. It is also important to build better understanding and to eliminate fear.

Troyen says that students In Pakistan can share the experiences because they can show off a side of their country while many people do not get the opportunity to see, the Teacher of Holly Pazos Deerpark Middle School said that They feel like they are here. They say statements like On my Gosh I ‘ll fall from steps, but they totally think that they are doing their lesson.

The next thing we plan is to film right here in Austin Texas. People all over the world are eager to connect with Americans because they want to practice English and want to learn about America.

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