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Samsung’s new app help users with language disorder communicate by using emojis

Amna Ansar Apr 25, 2017
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Samsung always keeps on new additions in the text or messages but now Samsung has managed to add something for the well-being of human beings. The people with language disorder will now communicate through Samsung’s new app.

This new app is named as Wemogee which uses the ideograms to help the people of aphasia to communicate.

Aphasia is the mental inability or impaired ability of a person due to brain damage which makes it difficult to understand speech and produce it.

Samsung Electronics Italia leads to create the app in along with speech therapist, Francesca Polini. Wemogee allows the users to communicate with others through emojis and replaces the textual phrases with emojis.

For now, the app supports Italian and English languages and will be available for android from April 28. Basic reason for aphasia is that the regions of the brain which are responsible for language comprehension get damaged. There are several causes of the language disorder but most common is brain strokes, tumors, and brain injuries.

According to a research by National Aphasia Association, almost two million Americans are suffering from this disorder and with every passing year, 180,000 are developing aphasia. Most of them draw pictures to communicate with others. However, with Wemogee communication will become easier for the people suffering from aphasia.

The app is based on both visual and textual mode. Users of the app can create more than 140 phrases. Phrases can be created in six different categories.

The app is more helpful for Aphasics because they can understand emojis, facial expressions, and gestures more easily. One of such app is introduced which helps children to response to the non-verbal communication.

This app will greatly help the Aphasics to make others understand their language. With time alphabets continue to grow and it will be easier for aphasics to understand the language.

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