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Govt offers 10billion to Imran Khan to stay quiet on the Panama Case

Faryal Nadeem Apr 25, 2017
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The Chairman of PTI claims on Tuesday that the Government had offered him Rs 10 billion to stay back from the case of Panama Papers.

While addressing the party of leaders and workers after visiting Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Peshawar, PTI chairman Imran Khan told that Nawaz Shareef government have so much money at its disposal that they are willing to offer such a huge amount to a single person.

Authorities are trying hard to probe into the Panama case but under the Government control. How can proper and a legal investigation is possible to the family and the PM relatives? We simply cannot expect any accountability.

Khan mentioned “the decision of Supreme Court has undoubtedly created awareness among the masses and is successful in exposing the real face of Nawaz Shareef to his supporters.”

He added that all statements, which are fake, would surely be opened and the team, of corrupters, will be stuck now because of the false evidence that their team presented before SC.

The Chief of PTI said that there was no evidence to prove that he is clean in corruption. He added that PTI would build pressure and investigate the authorities to stop them from protecting the PM and his family. Khan urged and raised awareness among the people to participate in the protest rally, which will be in Islamabad on Friday. It will be against the Sharif resignation. Therefore, we will not give up until PM resigns.

Chairman Imran Khan addressing party leadership and workers in Peshawar

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Imran Khan (official)‎‏ في 25 أبريل، 2017

PTI Chairperson inaugurated the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Under 23 Games 2017 at Hayat Abad Sports Complex in Peshawar. He addressed the gathering at the event and Khan urged youngsters to work hard and succeed in life.

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Students must stop looking for shortcuts. He added that I also had worked hard especially while playing cricket. I would not be able to build such a great Shaukat Khanum Hospital if I had not received the training in cricket I was not able to form PTI, or I would not have been here.

It is true that sports is important in life because it teaches people to regret and compete, but there are very few playgrounds because and government never give importance to sports.

He said that more than 100 playgrounds are underdeveloped and will be constructed across KP while 50 are already built.

The gathering was filled with the chants of GO NAWAZ GO and raised the slogan for Imran Khan. While GO NAWAZ GO was titled as the second national anthem for the country and will be played at the protest rally in Islamabad this Friday.

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