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Two brilliant Female entrepreneurs developed speech software for patients

Faryal Nadeem Apr 24, 2017
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Two talented and gifted entrepreneurs have developed a clinical software, which will assist the people who are suffering from speech disorders. Rabab Fatima and Shanza Khan have established BoloTech, which is the speech recognition software and help people in the Urdu Language. Individuals who want to improve the speaking power and suffering from speech problems will be assisted with the amazing software.

The talented females mentioned that the main reason to develop the software is the lack of facilities in Pakistan, in particular for the patients who are suffering from communication and speech disorders. According to the recent survey, almost 13% of people suffer from communication and speech disorders. However, there are not enough speech therapists, which will assist the patients, and the available therapists are expensive and charge between Rs 3000 to Rs 5000.

The software will be available online, will surely bring down the cost of speech therapists, and will be able to reach the wider audience. The interface and the mechanism of the software are easy; it offers the audios, games and visuals and the basic speech therapy.

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Shanza mentioned that even the therapists would use the software and recommend the patients to use it to practice the speech exercises. The recorded tasks will then be monitored, and the therapists will recommend what to do next.

She added “currently we are trying to reach all of the speech therapists in Pakistan so that they can assist patients with a speech disorder. Recently we have almost six to seven therapists who are available online.

Currently, the software is in the testing phase, which allows people to find the therapist online on the website. It will also assist the individual children. The first version is ready to be launched next month and will be available in three major schools, which includes Visl Wes School for Children with slower learners and special needs, and Pakistan Disabled Foundation.

Talking about the financing requirements, the startup costs around Rs 12.5 million to launch the software at commercial level until 2018 because they required specialists from five or six fields to check the software for any errors. A meeting was held with the Sarmayakar that is the financing firm to acquire financing at The Nest I/O where the software was established. They do have showed great interest.

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