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Chinese to English and Urdu Dictionary have been launched in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Apr 22, 2017
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The Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry prepare the Chinese to English and Urdu translated dictionary. It was formerly launched accompanied by the second edition of Chinese Learning book at law college on Friday. The Deputy Consul General of China Wang Daxue, Professor Dr. Muhammad Nizamuddin who is the Chairperson Professor of Punjab HEC, President of PCJCCI Wang Zhai Secretary General M Salahuddin Hanif, the dean of law college, and Professor Humayun Ihsan was also present. The cake cutting ceremony was held for the celebration of Pak-China friendship while other two Pakistani students sang Chinese songs on occasion.

Wang Daxue then highlighted the importance of Urdu and Chinese language, which will surely be a backdrop of the CPEC project. He urged the Chinese nationals to learn the Urdu language who are currently residing in Pakistan. He also mentioned the initiatives take by the Punjab Government for promoting the Chinese language. The program also focuses on providing a scholarship to 500 students who will be sent to China to learn the Chinese language. However, 300 students are already learning and acquiring study in the top universities of China. The exclusive dictionary is designed for the people convenience, which allows them to interact in a good manner.

Dr. Nizam focused and emphasized on learning the Chinese language, which is essential. The program developed by Punjab Government for the Pakistani students help them to learn the Chinese language. He also added that the need to transfer the technology from China to the institutions of Pakistan is very necessary.

Beyond language, there are many things, which we need to learn from China.

He requested the deputy consul General for sending the delegation of best universities in China so that Pakistan will keep in view with the technology aspect. Miss Nuzhat Farooq, who is the qualified Chinese language instructor and is associated with the head of Chinese Publications Department have implemented and executed the projects of Chinese to English ad Urdu to Chinese learning book. Wang Zhai mentioned that the dictionary is remarkable and is one of the historical achievement introduced.

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Road Show

The Overseas Pakistanis Commission is trying to resolve the issues of overseas Pakistani and allows them to assist regarding fraudulent cases and illegal corruption. It was stated by Commissioner Afzal Bhatti and OPC Punjab Vice Chairperson Shaheen Khalid Butt by addressing participants of road shows in Belgium. The show was attended by Pakistani community and the Embassy of Pakistan officials. Pakistani Ambassador to Belgium Naghmana Alamgir Hashmi also participated in the event.

The representatives of Pakistani community attended the event from different cities and discussed the problems faced by Pakistanis living overseas. The suggestions were provided to improve the services at various levels of Government. Afzal Bhatti ad Shaheen Khalid Butt informed about the commission, which was created by Punjab CM.

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