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27 Pakistanis awarded with Scholarships by Australia in Energy and Entrepreneurship

Amna Ansar Apr 22, 2017
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A reception has been hosted by Margaret Adamson, Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan for the awardees of 27 Australia Scholarships.

The awardees would be able to attend short courses regarding energy and entrepreneurship security in Pakistan and in the region. The awardees will depart to Australia for short courses.

The purpose of the scholarships is to bring innovation and entrepreneurship in public and private sector of the country and to enhance Pakistan’s energy security.

Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan said that entrepreneurship and innovation in Pakistan aids in the economic growth and job creation.

Adamson told that some of the short courses focus on the increase participation of women’s in the public and private sectors to help increase in economic growth of the country. The half of awardees for scholarships of Australia are women.

The course is comprised of four weeks at Business Incubation Management at the University of Queensland Australia in which 20 awardees will participate while rest of 7 will participate in ‘Supporting Energy Security in South Asia Strengthening Cross-Border Energy Arrangements’ at the National University of Canberra which is a regional short course.

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