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Now cashless transactions can be managed with SimSim app: All in one payment solution

Faryal Nadeem Apr 21, 2017
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It is true that many people are using online or mobile portals for online transactions, but the new SimSim app has revolutionized the concept. It provides the user complete control over several cashless transactions in Pakistan. It is a startup by Finca, which have assisted thousands of people to perform digital operations in the country.

SimSim is a mobile app that is the source to transfer money online. It is the digital platform, which allows the user to use the simple mobile screen to transfer money. However, the main question people ask that what is the idea or purpose of SimSim and digital payment solution?

What is SimSim?

SimSim is exceptional in many ways. It behaves as a mobile wallet so that the user can roam easily and freely around the city without the fear of losing any money or paying cash. You can have total control of the branchless banking and get a chance to make real-time payments quickly by online payment method. You can say that it is a wallet in digital form. Users will get hassle free service and can perform multiple activities such as paying the utility bills and mobile top ups.

How SimSim works?

Using the SimSim app is easy. Follow the instructions to setup the Finca account via app.

  • All you need is to create a wallet by entering Mobile Number, carrier and CNIC then click on Submit.
  • Then enter your mother’s name, the city of birth, your name and Submit the details again.
  • Now read the terms and conditions, and when you accept it, you will create a wallet.
  • Click on Next option and fill the form by entering your first name, mailing address, email ID, Fathers
  • Now you have to type the OTP code, which will be sent to your mobile, and the wallet will be verified.
  • Complete your profile by selecting a picture, and you will reach the home screen.

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Pay bills anywhere

Now if you are worried about making payments, then this digital wallet allows you to pay the bills anywhere you are. Whether you are sitting at a restaurant, all you need is your mobile phone equipped with SimSim. Pay the bills by scanning the bar code of the restaurant.

At the recent Lahore Eat festival, almost 6000 people used the application. The user can transfer funds without sending cash or bothering someone to move physically. To transfer the funds.

Go to the Home Screen and click on Send Money by entering the beneficiary phone number.

So enter your SimSim wallet number, then the receiver’s phone number and click to confirm. In the next screen, you will get the transaction confirmation, and the sent amount will be delivered by prompting the receiver on the home screen.

Request money

Another fabulous feature you can avail is the Request payment option. Enter the mobile number of the person from whom you have to demand money, and then enter the amount requested. The other person will get a prompt message in a small yellow circle. If the person clicks to Pay, the amount will be transferred, otherwise Reject option must be used to cancel the request.

All in one Solution

Now leave your daily worries and woes regarding payment on SimSim. It is a one-click solution for making payments and transactions. Users can also pay their utility bills by using the app. Now the dream has come to reality. The recent version of SimSim is available for download on Google Store and App Store. It can be used by all iPhone as well as Android users. So recharge your balance through UBL Omni or Finca Bank and get a cashless wallet.

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