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Intel’s Next Generation finally unveils SSD technology: the Technology is fast

Faryal Nadeem Apr 21, 2017
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Micron and Intel Technology is working with the new generation memory technology from 2012. Make sure not to confuse the technology with 3D NAND because it is called as 3D XPoint that is fast. You can think the technology as the compromise between the traditional flash storage and the speed of DRAM. Unlike RAM, 3D XPoint is four-time denser and the non-volatile memory. It is expensive per gigabyte than NAND flash; the current technology is inside SSDs. The technology is fast when it comes to writing, reading, and latency small bits of data.

Intel has started shipping the first product with new technology that is 375GBintel Optane SSD DC P4800X. The $1520 PCIe card helps to work on same NYMe standard, which is popular for traditional SSDs now.

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Intel offers excellent new publication a chance to check the card so whatever is the reason, it is very secretive about the new storage device. Reviewers have accessed the Intel servers remotely to test the card but using their computers for further testing. However, talking about the computers tests, 3D XPoint appears to be great. For the right tasks, I/O is limited and does not require terabytes of storage because 3D XPoint is the king.

It is available for the enterprise, but there are some changes necessary for the software, which assists it to utilize the utmost and won’t be able to destroy RAM or NAND markets. However, it is nice to have such an incredible challenge in the scene.

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