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Facebook research about the Brain to text technology

Faryal Nadeem Apr 21, 2017
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On Wednesday, Facebook has revealed the secretive unit, which is headed by a former chief of Pentagon research arm unveiling that the social giant Facebook is studying ways and conducting research, which allows people to communicate by touch and thought.

The research shop of Facebook was launched last year and is well known as the Building 8. The long-term work helps to lead the hardware products. Regina Dugan is the in charge of the unit which is leading the group at Alphabet Incorporations Google. She is also the Director of US Defense Department Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA.

Dugan told the developers who attended the Facebook annual F8 conference that the company is modeling Building 8 after DARPA. It is a government office, which was founded to provide the internet and miniaturized GPS receivers, which are mainly used for the consumer devices.

The development of any hardware rollouts will be done after years. The potential focus is to diversify Facebook beyond the heavy reliance, especially from advertising revenue. The main example of Building 8 was a great attempt as mentioned by Dugan. IT will help to improve the technology by following people to type words by using their minds. Dugan suggested that it might sound impossible that someone can type by using their minds but it is much closer than anyone can realize.

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She added that it could be possible by using brain implant. People can quickly type eight words in minutes, and the Facebook goal is to work with various researchers at US universities to make the system non-invasive and robust so that people will be able to type just by thinking 100 words in a minute.

However, this amazing technology will surely assist all the disabled people and enables them with the ability to text the friend without using the phone.

Building 8 Project, is trying to advance with the capacity to communicate with the touch. It would be great writing system for the visually impaired or blind people. At the conference, the video showed that two Facebook employees were talking to each other by using touch. One employee Frances wore an electronic device on her arm while Freddy used computer software, which allows him to send pressure changes to her arm.

If you ask Frances, that what she is the actual feeling, she will tell you that what she learned by feeling the acoustic shape of the word on arm.

In December, Facebook has signed a deal with 17 universities including Princeton and Harvard to allow the swift collaboration on projects with Dugan team.

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