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Reaction of Pakistani’s on social media over Panama Verdict

Faryal Nadeem Apr 20, 2017
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The Panama verdict was the most awaited case against Prime Minister and his family. The Supreme Court of Pakistan announced the verdict over the Panama case.

The Supreme Court ordered to formulate joint investigation team (JIT) to investigate the Panama case as according to court there is not enough evidence to disqualify the Prime Minister.

The JIT has been ordered to complete the investigation within two months. Prime Minister, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif along with his sons Hussain and Hasan are directed to present before the JIT.

The JIT will be comprised of officials from FIA, SECP, MI, ISI, NAB and State Bank. Supreme Court directs these agencies to present the names of the nominated officials to the court.

Public is sharing different reaction over social media regarding the verdict of Panama papers case.

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