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#BoycottSnapchat: Indians rages when SnapChat CEO says “Poor India.”

Faryal Nadeem Apr 19, 2017
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It seems that anger has boiled over the famous Snapchat because of the former employee statement which Snapchat denies that their CEO once dismissed India as a poor country which is not a priority for the app. Snapchat is backing up from its statement when their Chief executive allegedly told that he “didn’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

These remarks were revealed in a lawsuit by the Anthony Pompliano who is the former employee and worked in the company for three weeks in 2015. As a part of the trial, Pompliano told the concerns about the low usage of Snapchat in Spain and India which are actually the potential growing areas. He alleges Evan Spiegel the Chief Executive said that the app is confined for ONLY RICH PEOPLE and opposed the decision to expand it to the poor countries like Spain and India.

Recently the Indian media and various publishers picked the story and started attributing comments directly to Spiegel. All of the Indian Twitter users adopted the hashtag #boycottSnapchat. Most of the users have begun giving the app one star because of this statement. The rating is the part of the protest. One of the Google Play reviewers stated that “I Just installed the app to tell you the power of poor Indians, but I wasted my data to give a rating and removing it from my phone now and forever.”

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These allegations were named or termed as ridiculous. The company said “a disgruntled former employee wrote those words and we are grateful for our Snapchat community in India and all over the world.”

However, the company does admit in the Securities and Exchange Commission filings that app won’t be able to find regular users in the countries where the smartphone usage is rare, and even the mobile broadband is also limited.

While SnapChat clearly mentioned that the daily active users are mostly in the top 10 advertising countries and they are US, China, Japan and Britain. It does not include Spain or India.

Soon Pompliano would see court to prevent the social platform Snapchat. He has to be answerable that why he actually misrepresented Snapchat and why was he fired from the company. According to Pompliano, he claims that he was labeled as incompetent and Spiegel wanted him to fire for the internal enterprise reason. In the suit, he alleges that SnapChat is misleading advertisers as well as investors.

The suit was filed in January but requested Pompliano to protect the trade secrets of Snap, but Pompliano wanted to unseal the lawsuit because the public wants to know what the reason behind this statement is. Snap have released an unredacted version of lawsuit before the court will announce its decision on the matter, which states that the usage data is not private because Snap is a publicly traded company.

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