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Better to donate than to Waste: Meal Donate

Faryal Nadeem Apr 19, 2017
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We cannot deny the fact that in Pakistan at least one out of 5 people struggles with hunger. However, most of the people rely on the food provided by NGOs, which help to feed the low-income families. Living with the food insecurity would be the worst feeling so when you plan to donate the food to the needy people by being generous then you take a step to build the world with zero hunger.

Similarly, a significant and noble measure had been taken by mealdonate.pk. It is a campaign, which promotes do not waste and donate the food. The team of professionals and skilled members are fighting against hunger and poverty. They are working tirelessly to battle against hunger by connecting with the people in need.

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Therefore, the team of TheMarkhor stumbled upon their initiative and wanted to conduct an interview which will assist to strengthen their team and help them to proceed with their plans for future. Following are the amazing answers given by the mealdonate.pk. Go through them and leave your comments below.

Special Message by Hareem Farooq

A special thank you to Hareem Farooq Official for supporting Meal Donate. #BettertoDonateThanWaste

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  1. What incident/event made/influenced you to set up this organization? Why did you start this organization?

We are a bunch of people who order lunch in our office daily, and we noticed that the food is left and wasted. It can be eaten since it’s fresh, and we don’t want to dump it in garbage. So we started to pass on leftover food to support staff. Unfortunately, Support Staff wasted the fresh food quite a time, and we realized that we need other deserving people to utilize the food.

  1. What results does your organization achieve?

We have a repeatable number of food donors, who donate food on our every occasion. This is the trust factor, which helped us to promote our cause.

  1. What are the transparency and accountability or governance mechanisms in place here?

We encourage people to hand over freshly prepared homemade food. We take pictures and videos of the event and share it on social networks. Plus, few people from Local and abroad donated cash amount to distribute food on their behalf. We exchange the screen shots of those receipts with our cash donors.

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  1. How do you manage and run your organization?

We are limited with the resources, but we are doing it well. Few people manage our social media platform. Mostly it’s Facebook. We are connected with people via the Facebook page. We have a bunch of verified volunteers who work with us on every event.

  1. Describe a time where donate meal managed a specific challenge and was proud of how you acted?

There are few meal donors, who approached us on last moment when food pick up list was already finalized. It was extremely hard for us to include more pickups. Nevertheless, we started early an hour ago and collected food on time, and our food donors appreciated our effort by offering morning cup of coffee.

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  1. Where do you see your NGO after five years?

We don’t have any growth plans actually based upon stats. We are looking forward to have organic growth and have firm believe in increasing number of distributions across the province.

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  1. What is the reputation of the NGO?

You can ask our donors and praise words they include in their messages when confirming food pick-ups.

  1. What are some of the long-term objectives you would like to see completed?

Meal donate wants to create an awareness in society to share fresh food and keep on donating it to deserving people rather be wasted.

  1. What are the challenging facets of the job?

We have to collect meals on the given time. Sometimes people are unable to handover food on the suggested time. This led to delay in other pickups on the list, and people take this as mis commitment.

  1. What makes this organization different from similar organizations?

We do not take or spend a single penny on paid marketing campaigns like the other NGOs. All paid marketing funds are pooled by our small team to make sure people’s money is fully utilized on the food distribution boxes.

  1. How the team of donate meal deal with conflict and what did they do to resolve the situation?

We have a bunch of captains and leaders for every task. They are the responsible and decision makers if there is something taken care on the ground on an ad-hoc basis. We already have well define task for every member and open discussion is done a day before the event.

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  1. Why donate meal is right in today’s Pakistan situation? What skills and experience do your team have?

Many people do not get a healthy meal for themselves and families still working for 12 hours a day. We share fresh food, which helps them to enjoy donated meal right away on their doorstep.

Please join meal donate on March 26th 2017 and feed people at Jinnah Hospital, Civil Hospital and Tikkri Colony! All you have to do is cook food at home and Meal Donate will take care of the rest. Please share our video and spread the word.

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  1. How do you think that poor people cope with rising prices of food?

Nobody wants to beg and steal food. We suggest having subsidized food stores, and centers that should allocate to appointed areas where they can pay less and get quality food.

  1. Your last words for our youth so that they stay dedicated or motivated.

Don’t waste and better donate. Always request to parcel your leftover food and hand it over to small children selling roses and cleaning your cars or you can share your food with any disabled person for help. Sharing is caring, and we as in individual can help society to be a peaceful society.

It was a great experience interviewing the team of http://www.mealdonate.com/. Hope they will achieve their aim.

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