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High achievers scholarship UK- 2017 for undergraduate Pakistani students

Amna Ansar Apr 18, 2017
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Two Pakistani students will get the undergraduate level high achievers scholarship 2017. The students which are having high intelligence level and are high achievers with the extra ordinary educational background will are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Those students would be preferred for the scholarship who has related work experience. Every candidate must have fluency in the English language.

The students who are undergraduates can apply for the scholarship. Those applications would be entertained which will be submitted before 30th June 2017. The candidate must have passed HSSC with an overall score of 80%. The candidate must have the understanding of the course and have enough motivation to study at Coventry (England). The candidate must have any extra-curricular or work experience.

The scholarship is available for all disciplines. The scholarship is for undergraduate students.

The deadline for the submission of application is 30 June 2017.

Only 2 scholarships would be awarded to eligible Pakistani students.

The scholarship is of worth up to £2000

The candidates can apply for the scholarship online.

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