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Careem to organize hackathon worth of Rs 250,000 prizes

Amna Ansar Apr 18, 2017
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Careem is the region’s leading transportation network which recently announced Waseem Akram as its CEO. Careem is now holding 2-day hackathon named as HaCareem in Karachi. HaCareem will be held in Karachi by the end of this month.

The objective of HaCareem is to explore the talent which will aid in breaking up the barriers in further success of the company.

A large number of brightest tech experts from all over the country will attend the event for the growth of company exponentially. In the global series competition, HaCareem Hackathon is the second event which Careem is holding. Earlier, the first event by the company was held in Banglore, India.

During the hackathon, it is expected that a large number of ideas would be exchanged and this will help the company to compete with local competitors.

The interested candidates can register them in the form of 4 or individually by visiting

The one day of the event would be comprised of the hacking event.

The candidates would be able to win the prizes of Rs 250,000. The winners would be offered to join the tech team of Careem in Karachi.

The shortlisted candidates from other cities of the country would be provided with air tickets to ensure their presence at HaCareem.

The event will be held on 29th and 30th of April at 9 am. After the event, the top candidates for the event would be invited by the company for job interviews.

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