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Gut Bacteria will prevent type2 diabetes

Faryal Nadeem Apr 14, 2017
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New research has been conducted in Finland that suggests the higher blood levels of indole propionic acid, which is a product of gut bacteria that is increased by having a rich fiber diet. This bacterium helps to protect against type2 diabetes.

If the diabetes is uncontrolled, then high blood sugar will lead to blindness and often result in heart disease, kidney failure, amputation of lower limbs and stroke. The high levels of blood sugar will regulate the hormone insulin, which is made in the pancreas.

This type of diabetes develops whether the high blood glucose results from a lack of insulin as well as the body’s inability to use insulin. Type2 diabetes is the common form of diabetes, which develops from not exercising or being overweight. Due to which the molecular level in the body does link with the factors and results in disease. According to the new study metabolomics, relatively new technology have allowed the researchers to assess the metabolite profiles of individuals.

Metabolites are the small particles or molecules in the body, which include gut bacteria and produce byproducts. The researchers compared the metabolite profiles of two groups and had found a difference in the certain lipid metabolites and indole propionic acid.

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However, many analyses have been conducted in this regard and suggested that having high levels of the blood of indole propionic acid, a byproduct of gut bacteria appears to protect against developing type2 diabetes. The diet, which is rich in fiber and the whole grain foods also increase the levels of indole propionic acid which in turn raise the amount of insulin produced by beta cells in the pancreas.

The team also confirmed the great findings by analyzing the difference between indole propionic acid and the type2 diabetes data. The Finnish Metabolic Syndrome in the Men Study and the Swedish Vasterbotten Intervention Project showed that indole propionic acid appears to protect tyep2 diabetes. So the study indicates that the metabolite profiles must not be used to identify the bacteria but will be researched to look for the links with diseases such as diabetes.

Dr. Kati Hanhineva said that the intestinal bacteria is the primary cause of diabetes in the overweight people. So according to research, Indole propionic acid is the one factor, which will mediate the protective effect of intestinal bacteria and diet.

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