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Google Hire: Google job application tracking platform will soon be launched

Faryal Nadeem Apr 14, 2017
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Google always seems to gear up with something new and offers great enterprise startups through their paces. It has launched a new job application tracking platform which will prove to be a handful of all tech companies. However, recently only beta version is in testing mode, and it is a straightforward and minimalistic recruitment platform for various enterprise professionals.

The Google Hire is the platform which is also known as the application tracking system that enables the employer to post job listings and then track or accept and to manage applications. It is opened for access to only limited technology firms such as Warner Bros, Medisas, Poynt, CoreOS, and SingleHop.

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Google Hire is hosting great job listing on a platform which is an excellent way to drive the service. The multiple job listings on platform range from marketing to different engineering role. It proves to be a handy evidence, and Google Hire seems to be developed by Bebop which is an enterprise cloud service provider co-founded by Vmware co-founder Diane Green. It is acquired for more than $380 million by search giant towards 2015. The team of Bebop then merged with Google Enterprise cloud platform division and platform surely bring advantage.  The error message is displayed on Google Hire website instructing the candidate to contact the Bebop team.

The platform will soon be implemented as the binding machine for the various organizations. The learning powered tool helps to connect a job seeker with adequate job postings. It will simplify the complicated process. Google Hire does not still make the recent announcement, but the website is live at The users can access the login and signup page, and the preview is available for a limited audience.

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