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CEO: Biometric procedure to be launched for NTS testing service

Faryal Nadeem Apr 11, 2017
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Online registration offers best and better service. Proper measures and steps are taken by National Testing Service to boost the accessibility of the service to make it more adjusted with the international standards. This proposal will eliminate the chances of any impersonation. Air Cdre Retd. Dr. Shehzada Khan who is the Chief Executive Officer of NTS said in an interview that Pakistan Observer highlighted the measure and proper measures had been taken to improve the service since he has taken charge of organization. The pilot project is recently launched to introduce the biometric procedure in the testing service to eliminate the chances of impersonation.

The NTS tests will get free from serious malpractice. However, another important measure has been taken for the online testing and online registration service. The virtual university will cooperate in this step because this will be a great development towards making NTS system more convenient and easy.

Even the international students will be able to conduct online tests, and the service will be available in several countries.

Dr. Shehzada Khan said that NTS is working for many years and has marked the field of specialized testing in the country. The tests fulfill the needs of clients and are credible. The skilled and professional experts from leading universities develop the NTS tests. The main aim of the system is to review and monitor the capability of the students.

CEO NTS is also taking serious steps and is making efforts to improve the working of NTS. After introducing the biometric verification, it would be rated as one of the leading testing systems of the world. The possibilities of NTS is to be hired by clients in Gulf countries.

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It has been mentioned that NTS system is serving well and is quite affordable. NTS is a non-profit organization, which is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance 1984. The system was established in the year 2002. The idea of NTS emerged as a needed for standardized testing service, which is identified in the IT policies of the government and the national educational department. NTS is operated by administration of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, and it got individuality in 2013. Board of directors and the prominent member’s works like the board of directors.

NTS has the capability to conduct tests for more than 300,000 candidates. The system is automated and own the ability to process the results for up to 100,000 results every day. NTS is progressing rapidly over 14 years. It has 480 partners from various private and public sectors. Till 31st January 2016, there were total 5568 tests conducted for 12 million candidates offering talent pool of qualified human resource to the various organizations as well as companies. The NTS helps the growth of the knowledge-based economy.

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