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12 heatstroke centers buildup as temperature sizzles at 40.5 degrees centigrade in Karachi

Amna Ansar Apr 11, 2017
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After the high temperatures forecasted in Karachi by Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), about twelve hospitals build up heatstroke centers to cope up with the situation.

On Monday, mercury surged up to 40.5 degrees Celsius in Karachi, While in Mitti and Nawabshah temperature was recorded as 43 degrees Celsius.

In Sukkur and Hyderabad, mercury surged up to 40.5 and 42 degrees Celsius respectively.

Met department forecasted that in coming days Karachi is expected to have hot weather and temperature would range 41 and 42 degrees Celsius.

Due to extreme weather conditions, Mayor Karachi announced to set up twelve heatstroke centers in the hospitals.

According to officials, coming days would highly be dangerous as the temperature would rise and it will risk lives. In this regard, the government ordered the hospitals of the province to be on high alert.

During the year 2016, due to high temperature most affected 65,000 people were treated in 50 rehabilitating centers of Karachi. Last year, extremely hot weather conditions left 1,242 dead and 35,000 affected in Sindh.

The commissioner ordered K-electric to minimize the load shedding in upcoming days.

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