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Students faced discrimination in Karachi for admissions

Faryal Nadeem Apr 10, 2017
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City Deputy Mayor Arshad Vohra reported on Sunday that students have to face discrimination in admissions to the federal educational institutions in the provincial capital.

“The bias is old because he mentioned, he also experienced the same situation in 1980s when he was student. Even at the national level, Students of Karachi cannot avail opportunities.”

Vohra said that Government must provide opportunities and force industries to train the students during the summer programs. We are producing fewer entrepreneurs, so various educational institutions and industry have to play the role to empower youth

CPEC will surely bring an economic revolution in Pakistan and will develop good infrastructure. The economic game changer CPEC project is for the entire region.

In the closing ceremony of a two-day conference titled as Pakistan Computer Society Congress 2017, organized by the Karachi University Computer Sciences Department and IEEE Karachi Section: he said that Pakistan lacks the gap analysis and the requirement f market. He also congratulated Dr. Sadiq Ali for organizing the international conference relevant issue.

It is true that climate change is a global issue and every country is facing the problem, and it is important to make Karachi green by playing an individual role for making the city green. Various plantation campaigns will be arranged to promote the green country.

The Chairman of KU Department of CS Dr. Sadiq Ali Khan said that there had been a significant development in the Computer Science sector. The country is progressing, and the major experts from all over the world are contributing their services. However, economic prosperity is somehow connected with technological advancement.

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The former Chairperson of HEC said that the countries who have invested in education are now getting the fruits because those countries are having the strongest and leading economies. The massive growth in the scientific and industrial sectors have been observed. HEC Chairman Professor Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed said that in the upcoming years Pakistan would have a smart classroom in there might be possible that o teachers will be needed in the classrooms. Robots will deliver the information. Various professors are providing their services by giving the lectures via video link. All sorts of technology are assisted in Pakistan. Government does play a significant role and have to stand firm on establishing more and more scientific and technological or R&D centers in University of Karachi

No one can live in a country without computer said by the Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi Professor Dr Ajmal Khan. He explained his association with computers and have given priority to invest and improve computer sector. It is the age of robots and computer. Shortly human workforce will be replaced by technology.

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