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Smart contact lenses will test sugar levels

Faryal Nadeem Apr 09, 2017
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Contact lenses are the transparent ornament, which is often, wear to enhance the fashion appeal. The contact lenses slog with the transparent sensors will help the diabetes patients to monitor their sugar level. The sugar sensing lenses will soon be available in the market as the scientists are developing and working on them. It would introduce a new way to check the blood sugar levels instead of drawing blood. Usually, the diabetic patients monitor the blood sugar level by pricking their finger with a pin. The blood drop is put on the strip, which is then used, in a small device to measure the sugar level. However, the new patients often get hurt by repeating this procedure twice or several times a day.

However, the newly developed contact lenses will continuously measure and monitor the person’s blood sugar level. The chemical engineer Gregory Herman from Oregon State University said that continuous monitoring is good for the health of the diabetic patients. These lenses will reduce the risk of related health issues. It will also alert someone if any significant change is observed in the blood sugar levels.

Herman mentioned that any individual who is suffering from diabetes, their body is unable to transfer the glucose level from the blood to the cells. Even when the cells are getting too much glucose, the situation may get worse and can lead to serious health issues.

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There are many devices available to monitor the blood sugar levels continuously, but particular electrodes are inserted under the skin, which is the painful procedure and may lead to serious infections. The inserted electrodes are replaced after several days. Therefore, the constant use f contact lenses will eliminate such problems and will help to monitor the blood sugar levels. The contact lenses are invisible, and they cannot be felt.

To develop these lenses, the researchers and the scientists are using the technology that is developed for the electronic products. The material indium gallium zinc oxide is used in the lenses, which will help to improve its quality and increase the sensitivity level. Herman told that nowadays almost every electronic gadgets use IGZO. Whether you buy an iPhone, Apple computer, flat screen TV or any other device”. The researchers are trying hard to develop these lenses because the transparent sheets of transistors are made up of indium gallium zinc oxide. This material helps to measure the glucose levels because the transistors are coated with a special enzyme called glucose oxidase, which contributes to break sugar.

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