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Digital assistant M is introduced by Facebook in the US

Faryal Nadeem Apr 09, 2017
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On Thursday, Facebook has launched its digital assistant with the name M for the US users only. The assistant is available on the messenger application and is developed with the efforts of AI. The users of the messenger, M will pop up and offers helpful actions in the chat window. The move helps to launch the digital assistant to complete the services of Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and Google, which is launched with the new user.

M, the digital assistant uses the AI techniques and offers relevant actions to manage the conversations or help the users with their problems. Laurent Landowski and Kemal El Moujahid, the Facebook product managers, said, “we are trying hard to bring the power of M. along with the AI technology to enhance the experience and to support the users. It will make the Messenger experience more seamless, personal and useful.”

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Users can fulfill the tasks associated with messenger easily. If someone wants to share the location, obtain a ride share or to send money to friends, the M assistant will help.

Do you know that Facebook owns a separate AI research lab, which has announced that M assistant, is an experiment in 2015 and with the passage of time; it will expand the social platform to broader goals.

The founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the personal digital assistant named Jarvis is created for his home to manage the household tasks, which enable to play and spend time with his family.

Samsung has its assistant Bixby in the Galaxy S8 phones. The voice-activated virtual assistants include Apple Siri, Google`s assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa.

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