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YouTube channels will not support ads under 10,000 views

Faryal Nadeem Apr 08, 2017
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YouTube will not display or allow any ads for the channels under 10000 views in total. This latest decision has come to control the questionable material, which is posted on YouTube nowadays. Small and the upcoming channels helps to retrieve the plagiarize content which is already available on the video sharing platform. The copied videos contribute to generate ad revenue more than on other content.

However, Google has gone through significant criticism for displaying partner ads on racist objectionable content. Most of the partners have pulled out the ads from the platform after showing the discontentment. The team is working hard to remove the offensive content from the platform. However, the recent development is blocking the ads on small channels.

YouTube advertisement is easy  accessible and available for all the account owners. The limit of the views is 10,000 in total. While still more content will be filtered and will not make it to the mainstream target audience. Therefore, YouTube will be able to check the content quickly via different filters.

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