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Ford introduces technology stimulated car ride for the restless baby

Faryal Nadeem Apr 08, 2017
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Are you the new parent? You find difficulty to give a car ride to the restless baby? Then Ford technology is amazing. It helps to stimulate the ride just like the comfort of home. Ford and was developed by Max Motor Dreams, the Spanish design studio Espada Y Santa Cruz, commission the idea. The stationary baby cot stimulates the car sounds, lighting and motion to lull the baby. The parent can collect the sensory elements of the ride by using the smartphone app and then transmits it to the baby cot, which then combines with low engine sound, surrounded by the LED lights and then gently rocking the motion. Now babies can fall asleep quickly by using the Max Motor Dream crib. It can be used in a car to avoid the frustration of late night driving.

The Unique cot is under the full-scale production because it is useful and one of the exceptional inventions by the Max Motor Dreams.

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