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Twitter introduced new Lite Service to consume less mobile data usage

Faryal Nadeem Apr 06, 2017
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Twitter Lite is launched similar to the LITE Facebook version and browser based app. The new mobile application is American based service, which aims to save users precious data. The service can be accessed even by using the slow internet connection. Today we are rolling the Twitter Lite, for the user’s new web experience. It helps to minimize the data usage and loads even on slow connection quickly. Twitter will be resilient even on unreliable mobile networks and consumes less than 1MB on the device.

Twitter mentioned that the Social platform is optimized for speed and will work 30% faster. The launch timing of the social media is improved and is quicker. Twitter will offer best navigation speed along with the key features of Twitter. The Tweets, timeline, trends, media uploads profiles, direct messages, and notifications. The Twitter Lite is improving Twitter and making it more accessible to millions of people. However, all you need is a tablet or a smartphone with a browser.

Twitter have not performed or done anything to make its presence in the emerging market just like Facebook. Even though Facebook has, a monthly user of 1.86 billion but Facebook Lite version has revamped users count to 200 million after two years of its launch. The Lite version is growing rapidly. It will undoubtedly affect the Twitter user count, which is 319 million.

Twitter had to make struggle in India even though the online population has reached to 450 million and by the end of June, it will be reached to 465 million. Reports suggest that less than 20% of Indian society is based on social network and are using Twitter. Twitter does want to sell the Lite app to make the alerts and updates on the Go. It added that no matter where you are based. Twitter surely wants you to enhance your experience and allows you to get the real time updates about politics, entertainment, sports, and news.

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