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Data Protection Act (DPA) to be introduced by IT Ministry in Pakistan

Amna Ansar Apr 06, 2017
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Data Protection Act (DPA) is to be introduced by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) in Pakistan within the time span of three months.

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication is taking all the possible steps to protect the privacy of internet users.

Minister of MoITT, Anusha Rahman said that her ministry is trying all its best to introduce an act that would aid in the protection of internet users rights.

She further told that Pakistan is greatly in need of such regulations and for this country needs the assistance of the International community.

Data Protection Act (DPA) will help in safeguard of rights and protect the privacy of users. Even in this era of Digital age, Pakistan is still lacking laws and regulations which can aid in the protection of rights of internet users.

Anusha Rehman said that MoITT is trying to bring DPA in the field within three months.

She further said that for the development of DPA, MoITT seeks the help of stakeholders.

The Article 12 of the United Nations International Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, also acknowledges the online secrecy of citizens.

Anusha told that many of the high tech and big business companies approach the personal data of the internet users for their personal benefit. She declared that once the act will be introduced it will take strict action against the companies.

After the DPA, every citizen of Pakistan would be able to get basic rights of privacy.

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