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Present Your battle of ideas because Punjab Hackathon is about to begin

Faryal Nadeem Apr 05, 2017
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Are you a creative person? You want to give the ideas to improve business opportunities for youth and various organizations? Is your idea reliable and flexible for health facilities? Then Punjab Hackathon is the perfect and right platform for you that enables the youth to think and present a solution to the problems. The platform allows the individuals to materialize the ideas by resolving the problems.

Hackathon is the innovative and an exceptional way to handle the challenges by offering the best solution. The best idea that can be implemented by the participants will be selected and focused on bringing improvement in the following areas.

  • Improvement in Public Health Facilities
  • Business opportunities for youth
  • Improvement in Public Health Facilities
  • Women’s Empowerment

For these sectors, the registered participant, will propose the workable elucidation after carrying the relevant research with critical analysis.

Let’s see how the Punjab hackathon works

  • You have to choose the policy area mentioned above
  • Now specify the problem and suggest the solution
  • Then identify the causes of problem
  • Propose a viable solution to problem
  • Then define KPIs
  • Present your idea

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If you are interested in the Punjab Hackathon then

  • Students from all over Punjab can apply and register themselves for Hackathon. The participants can register as a team or individually.
  • There will be 3 members of the team.
  • The presentation of Hackathon will be just for 14-20 minutes which includes only 10 slides. The presentation will explain the specific solution for the local problem.
  • If any participant wants to qualify for a prize, then every section will be complete y participating students within the deadline.
  • The idea needs to be original
  • No contestant or team will take part in more than one category.
  • The jury has a right to sign the admittance of contestants and can eliminate the opponents without telling the reason.

One of the major things Pakistan always gets criticized is for the paucity of platforms like a hackathon. The resources and potentials inevitably lack for such platforms. Punjab hackathon is a revolutionary project which seeks to discover and address the problems through the prism of people who suffer from facing and solving such situation.

Visit hackathon to get registered and submit your idea to revolutionize the field of your choice.

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