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PM`s Youth Scheme is not reliable: 1771 students were given laptops twice

Faryal Nadeem Apr 04, 2017
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It has been reviewed that 1771 students were given laptops twice. The laptop scheme of Prime Minister is not considered reliable in the province. So the inquiry report is held into the alleged corruption in the PM Youth scheme.

The scheme started back in 2013 by the PM. The programme targets to improve the scope of providing quality education for the research to the students. The laptops will allow the students to access the information readily to the students.

Many instances of alleged have scammed in the scheme, and the reports have been created and transferred to the committee head Additional Chief Secretary Punjab Shamail Ahmad to CM. Further, the issue will be investigated.

The report is submitted by Ahmed to the CM on this Monday and find out that 2481 fake ID cards of students were registered in the scheme. The committee has nine officials who are responsible for this carelessness including the HEC Additional Secretary and the Deputy Secretary. The officials or the senior management of the Universities was also held liable for the failure of this act. The committee will review the report, and the responsible persons will be contacted soon. Sources revealed that committee members also failed the distribution ceremony, which had to occur this year. Moreover, the university heads were not held for any charges.

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