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Girls are taking streets of Karachi on Bikes claiming for public spaces

Faryal Nadeem Apr 03, 2017
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The recent news by the Girls on Bikes campaign is trying to promote public spaces. Girls at Dhabas have hosted the rally to make a claim that women does need public spaces.

The rally started on Sunday morning from McDonalids to Salt and Pepper Village. The Girls mentioned that they did the rally last year as well, and the idea was loved by the girls. Their main aim was that girls must keep on going and interact with everyone.The participant of the rally Minal Rehman who is the student from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture said that events like this must be organized. However, the timing of the rally must be adjusted and should be earlier than 7 am.

However, similar rallies were held in Islamabad as well as Lahore. The main reason for demonstrations is to make an effort so that women would feel natural especially in public spaces. The interactions with one another will get easy.

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While Ansari, she wore a sign on the back for the victims of the attack happened recently at Parachinar. She marked her against the terrorism. She said that she wore the sign so that her protest must be recorded against the discussion of social media which will be due to the lack of media coverage. However, there was no discussion of the lives lost.

Full Throttle Pakistan was also present to rent the bicycles and helmets for the participants who do not have their own. This increased the number of participants in the rally, and the bicycles were rent out for Rs 600.