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Blood screening Technology now introduced in Civil Hospital Karachi

Faryal Nadeem Apr 03, 2017
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Civil Hospital Karachi has upgraded the technology by adding the foolproof blood testing facility. The technology has shifted to the Chemiluminescence Immunoassay. Civil Hospital Karachi is the largest public healthcare center in Sindh. It is the first public health care facility.

There are few healthcare facilities offered at Government level while CLIA technology is mainly available in the private sector. CLIA provides clearer and precise output, which is providing best and accurate results.

The technology is possible because of the Patients Welfare Association donations, which are run by the CHK volunteers of Dow Medical College formed in 1979. PWA is currently dealing with five departments that are blood bank, thalassemia, drug clinic, diagnostic laboratory and the follow-up clinics. They are providing free of cost checking for the wellbeing of patients.

The PWA General Secretary Ifrah Humbel said that the total cost of purchasing the CLIA kits is Rs. 33 million whereas on ELISA it is charged as 22 million rupees. Especially who are facing financial constraints.

She also mentioned that blood donation is precious, but the false results will lead to serious wastage of healthy blood bags. This situation increases the risk of diseased individuals blood to pass through undetected. CLIA will assist in reducing the risk exponentially, which improves the overall performance.

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ELISA is used from last 8 consecutive years, which helps to screen blood bags that are further donated at PWA Blood Bank for diseases like Hepatitis, HIV. And others. WHO has also recommended the ELIZA for the third countries but CLIA is rated more advanced. It is 100,000 times sensitive and provides a dynamic range, which helps to yield the diagnostic results in a faster way than ELISA.

CLIA is vital to get the foolproof blood screening mechanism so surely another dream has come true, and it is the another step towards improving the healthcare system. Patients Welfare Association is providing at least 80,000 bags of blood every year. The President Samra mentioned that it is essential to meet the financial burden which is because of the changing technology, we at this moment appeal to philanthropists to donate and support the cause so that patients would be able to get the better treatment with safer technology.

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