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Pakistani Engineer Ayaz Hussain Jamali Safely Reached Home After Being Kidnapped In Sudan

Faryal Nadeem Apr 02, 2017
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Ayaz Jamali released after being abducted by South Sudanese fighters. Abductors have released the Pakistani oil worker, Ayaz Hussain Jamali who was kidnapped from Juba. The International Committee of Red Cross in Khartoum worked tirelessly in collaboration with Addis Ababa to release Ayaz Hussain Jamali.

Themarkhor.pk has also taken the initiative to sign the petition to the UN for the safe recovery of Ayaz Jamali. However, the South Sudanese fighters have abducted Ayaz Jamali who was on fieldwork working for the DAR Petroleum Operating Company. His brother, who was also contributing his services to the same company, gave his abduction report. According to the sources, the fighters claimed the release of two groups of workers and Ayaz was in the second group along with four workers who were kidnapped from the upper Nile.

The spokesperson of Rebel, Lam Paul Gabriel said that they did not want ransom, but the rebels were kidnapping the workers as a source of bargain so that Sino-Malay consortium would leave the country.

Consequently, the safe recovery of Ayaz Hussain Jamali was confirmed when he landed around 9 AM at Karachi airport. After his release, he reached the capital of Sudan, Khartoum, where he shared his experience while being in custody of Riek Machar Group for more than 10 days.

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Ayaz Jamali said in his report, “I was continuously being informed about my case. They mentioned explicitly to me that Pakistani Media is taking serious initiatives and measures for your release. However, Indian media was not concerned about their workers or engineers. After the liberation, I was thanked by all the workers because they were giving credit to me for their safe recovery”.

“I want to thank all the print and electronic media of Pakistan and especially Ansar Burney Trust and other related NGOs who worked tirelessly on my case. It is the result of their efforts of my country that I returned to my homeland hale and heartily.  All of my family members, relatives, and friends are thankful for the print media especially the friends who contributed and helped for my immediate release”.

Ayaz Jamali also thanked the Sudan, Ethiopian and The Government of Pakistan on taking care of the matter and showing keen interest.

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