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Avail the Careem Promo Code for April Fool Campaign

Faryal Nadeem Apr 01, 2017
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On this April Fools Day, the ride-hailing service Careem has decided to have a little fun. So they have chosen to launch a hoax promo code hotline. The hotline can be accessed with simple 2 steps.

  1. The users have to leave a missed call on the assigned number to receive an exclusive promo code which will be encrypted.
  2. The message needs to be shared among friends or can be tagged. But the receivers were receiving a message of April Fool prank in return.

The idea was to play a prank with its users. This will undoubtedly increase the demand of promo codes that provides discounts and services.

It is true that users of Careem are going through all sorts of trouble to avail the promo codes that work. The service is accessible on all Go+ cars. However, Careem service wants to keep things comical as well as entertaining for its customers.

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